Welcome to the new-look Majestic Millionaires! After months of hard work, we are proud to share our new and improved website with you. 

Our aim is that our new website is a user-friendly one, for both old and new users of the site. We hope you find our website not only informative, but also easy to navigate. In addition, we have added some new features on the site. For example, if you wish to learn more about our health, wealth and travel services, you can visit the dedicated sections of the website.

Our biggest addition to our website is our store, were you will find all of our amazing products.  

Any and all feedback on our new website is very welcome. You can e-mail us at tdofat@majesticmillionaires.com


Our Services

We keep developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers and client with their health, wealth, travel and fun goals. When it comes to living a balanced lifestyle there are several areas we can help. HEALTH, WEALTH, TRAVEL & FUN is our business!

We offer Fitness Classes and Meal Planning Services

 Majestic Millionaires, Inc.  offers in-person, online fitness coaching and personalized meal plans to help you meet and maintain your goals. Please click below to visit our fitness page  or email us at tdofat@majesticmillionaires.com 

We offer Start-Up Business Opportunities

We offer several start-up business opportunities here at Majestic Millionaires, Inc. We help entrepreneurs with free advice, wealth building classes, and seminars. Visit our Business Page or e-mail tdofat@majesticmillionaires.com

Our Travel Agents can make your life easy by booking your entire vacation

We can make your vacation one you will remember for a lifetime. We also host the most amazing retreats and group vacations all around the world. Sit back and relax while we do the work for you. We make reservations for air, hotel, rentals, excursions, cruises, train, concerts, and so much more. Visit our travel page or e-mail tdofat@majesticmillionaires.com

We are the company known for the payment plan for all vacations!

If you have ever wanted to book a vacation and you just didn't have the funds all at once? well when you book with us you can make payments. 


We plan and host many events throughout the year. Please use the link below for our list of events

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!


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